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OXYCONTIN 60 and 80 mg tablets, one part higher than 40 mg tablet, or an entire step by step segment higher than 80 milligrams are just for use in patients in whom protection from an opiate medication of practically identical power was set up. The patients that are opiate drugs receptive are people getting, for as long as 14 days more, somewhere near 60 mg oral morphine reliably, 25 mcg transdermal fentanyl every hour, 30 milligrams oral oxycodone reliably, 8 mg oral hydromorphone reliably, 25 milligrams oral oxymorphone reliably, 60 mg oral hydrocodone reliably, or an equianalgesic piece of another opiate medication. Patients to gobble up Oxycontine pills entire, 1 pill at a time, using sufficient water to ensure complete swallowing resulting to setting in the moutharea. Patients to not pre-soak, lick, or wet the pill before setting in the moutharea. Cutting, breaking, crushing, chewinggum, or dissolving Oxycontin pills will provoke uncontrolled transport of oxycodone and may bring about overabundance or serious injury to your body.

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