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Why choose us?

Our ultimate goal is to make the best and genuine products available to you at the least cost and at marginal profit. We’re not here to make money or earn big profit. The most of the online pharmacies available online are very much focused about making money online and that’s the reason they compromise with the quality of the product to make extra money. For us the health is wealth rest things come after that.

What is the difference between generic and brand name medicines? The product we get from the pharmacy counter may look little different but the salt which we call the ingredients are the same but because of the brand name which is given to it make it costlier. If we talk about the effect both leave the same effect on human body but the generic one are less costly.

How can I reach you?

We can be reached out at any time thru email – or call us at +1 405-621-3574.

What are the payment modes accepted?

We have all major payment modes available like credit card, debit card, bitcoin, western union, gift cards, cash on delivery, debit card, paypal etc.

What kind of pharmacy products available on the website?

We have all the approved medicines available like pain relief pills, anti-anxiety pills, weight loss pills, muscle relaxation pills etc. In case you do not see any product on our website can be made available also.

Little confused about placing the order doesn’t give a good feel?

No need to worry about that, we know lot of the companies are there available online who are not doing fair business. You can check our web presence and feedback from the people around.

Can I have the medication without prescription too?

Yes, you can as we know it’s too costly to go and get the medication prescribed that’s the reason we have already arranged the panel of doctors to help you get the medication prescribed and delivered without any hassle.

How is the privacy maintained if I order online?

We do not mention your details and the name of the product to be delivered instead we mention it as to be a gift pack so that in any case you don’t be in trouble, the delivery is made in discreet packaging.

How much is shipping cost?

We do not charge shipping cost at all it’s a free of cost service.

Can I still change or cancel my order once placed?

See if you have any doubt about the order you placed or having a better deal outside you can contact us directly maybe the one alluring you wants to cheat you anyhow.

When will my order arrive?

The orders are dispatched from our California warehouse and are delivered within 3 to 5 working days, yes, sometimes it can be customs or courier delay.

Will I get a tracking number once the order gets placed?

You will get notified once the order is dispatched thru the email with the tracking number which can be tracked at any point of time. All orders need a proof of delivery so make sure you provide the correct address. Also, please note we do not deliver to any P .O box so make sure you provide the complete street address.

Will I have to pay additional Duties & Taxes?

No, our prices are including that all, in case someone from our organization asks for the same please write us at your request will be addressed promptly.

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